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If you have integrity, nothing else matters.
If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.

CHS Academic Code

The CHS Academic Honor Code clearly defines cheating, plagiarising and colloborating on school work. 

Consequences of violating the CHS Academic Code:

1. Possible failing score on assignment

2. Parent, school counselor, and Assistant Principal notified

3. Students who violate the Academic Honor Code more than once may be removed from leadership positions and/or extracurricular activities, especially if they belong to organizations (i.e. honor societies) that prioritize academic achievement and integrity

Why Do We Cite?

Why Do We Cite?

Citation acknowledges any source that has directly influenced your language, ideas, or arguments. You should cite not only what you quote, but also what you paraphrase. Putting an idea or argument into your own words may modify it, but does not make you the sole author.

In addition to giving due credit, citation allows your readers to locate your sources. Most formal writing is a dialogue with others who have addressed the same topic, and your reader needs to know who they are and where, exactly, you have encountered their ideas.

Also, if you don't cite, you'll be guilty of plagiarism and may receive a failing grade on the assignment.

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